To introduce (or in some cases, reintroduce) the healthy and physical benefits of massage, Total Wellness Professionals is offering an amazing new membership: The $400 Club. The Club membership gives you five (5) massage therapy treatments, including Swedish and deep tissue one hour massages. These can be used for one person or five different people, and the pricing means you essentially receive one massage for free, a great value. This offer is good only thru January 2010, so take advantage of it now. It makes a great birthday gift or use it for a special occasion like graduation or an engagement. Massage has benefits that can directly influence your ability to control or lose weight, destress and feel more relaxed. Along with a healthy diet, massage is a very effective addition to any fitness routine.

Companies that emphasize employee health and wellness experience better job performance, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Industries. Corporate Spa Services from TWP are customized to help individuals maintain balance and relieve stress and fatigue within body and mind. Companies that have offered weekly fifteen-minute massages for employees have noted decreased complaints of back discomfort and headache. Employers who offer massage services to employees also report lowered turnover rates.

Research shows that massage enhances alertness and performance, reducing anxiety in high-stress jobs (University of Miami). Work-related stress carries a cost of over $300 billion nationally. The American Institute for Stress estimates one million work absentees daily due to stress and stress-related ailments. Looking at the numbers, Total Wellness Professionals provides cost-effective rejuvenation and restoration of clarity that’s priceless in today’s working world. TWP offers employee benefits that will refresh your employees and ultimately refresh your business. Contact us today for a custom-designed Corporate Wellness Program built for you: 954.732.0517 or email us at With a list a mile long of tasks to complete today, this week, or this month, you may find it difficult to fit in the time for a refreshing trip to the spa or salon. Experience Total Wellness Professionals (TWP), a Florida- based company that will bring the luxury of a spa with celebrity prices; directly to your home, office, hotel, yacht, or jet, serving all areas of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. TWP’s licensed employees specialize in various areas of relaxation and well-being from massage to yoga and mini makeovers. “We will come to the location of your choice and transform the area into a tranquil spa setting,” says TWP President and founder Ali Hecht, who leads the Florida division. “Your time frame becomes our time frame, and your comfort and satisfaction is our only priority.”