Total Wellness Professionals welcomes Anne Morrissey, Personal Stylist to the team. She has many talents to share with the vast majority of people that find pulling their look together to be a challenge. TWP is happy to have a woman with a major eye catching talent to make the wellness a full circle by completing it with image. When you feel good, you look good! When you look good, it can make you feel good.

Anne says, “We learn a lot of things in school, but what to wear and how to wear it is not one of them.” The result of not being style savvy is frustrating. Where are people supposed to go to get great unbiased style advice? Sales people and friends that are dishonest to be kind or spare your feelings are not going to give you the advice Anne will. She spares your feelings but guides you in the right direction of do’s and don’ts.

Anne is an expert on personal image and style and how to create it. As the owner of her own Style Consulting Firm, she works with discerning South Florida clients to master the art of dressing well for their lifestyle and confidence. She has even helped me suit myself, Ali Hecht. As Founder of TWP. “I feel 100% more confident and comfortable about who I am and the image and life I’m working on.” I feel great whenever I put something on Anne has recommended. She completes the puzzle by making it easy on me.

As a fashion stylist, she transforms the image of her clients by working with them one on one, showing how to make the most of what they have, then planning a shopping trip with them and last but not least, the best part, pulling it all together!

Morrissey, Fashion Health & Beauty Editor for Lifestyles Magazine, writes a monthly column and shares the latest tips on image, fashion and trends. She also speaks regularly to women’s and men’s groups about style, inspiring her audiences to dress to suit their shapes, step out of their fashion comfort zones and show the world how gorgeous they truly are.