Volcanoes are terrifying since it can’t be stopped and destroys anything. However, volcanic eruptions helped shape the earths landscape. There are Top five facts about volcanoes.

Fifth fact, one of the planet Jupiter’s moon has the beast volcanoes found on Io, the innermost moon. Io is the most geologically active object in the entire solar system, with 400 volcanoes and some as the size of California. It is super hot around 1500 degree Celsius.

Fourth fact, more than 80 percent of earth’s surface is a volcanic origin. Ancient volcanic activity helped shape the earth. Gas emissions from volcanoes through millions of years helped form the ocean today.

Third fact, active volcanoes could power cities by using geothermal energy. Experts are now testing active volcanoes as potential sources for renewable heat energy and efforts to harness its power is ongoing. Hawaii is planning to be 100 percent renewable by 2045.

Second fact, Volcanoes can literally appear overnight or at least in geological terms.

Last fact, Yellowstone Caldera and can be in trouble if it erupted, but the said volcano sleeps for as long as 640,000 years. A scientist claimed that the chances of erupting are slim.