CNET is counting down the week’s worst Pokemon Go fails, and there sure have been many!

So, you may not have heard about this thing called “Pokemon Go“… But it goes a little like this… (in full disclosure I have 1.Downloaded said application, and 2. Played for about 3 minutes) Pokemon Go is a game about running around like a one legged, headless chicken, collecting augmented reality creatures; and hoping not to walk into traffic.

The action looks something like this:

Ok… that was a little extreme.

You then meet up with other Poke Chasers in bizarre locations in order to battle with your virtual pets, all while hoping not to piss off a land owner and get shot at, like these guys

This weeks top Pokemon Go fails - Video God

My comments may not be appreciated by many as the game is making a couple million dollars a day… Yes: one day. And if you live in an urban area as I do you have likely seen some incredibly close calls of people so wrapped up in their Pokemon Go extravaganza that their well-being comes second…

Take a look at this week’s top PokeFails from CNET: