Family photos? Yeah sure, one of the most effective way in every household to capture the passion of every memories. But what if family photos came out to be so awkward and bizarre to the point where you wish you weren’t in the picture and you never know anyone in it?

Starting from a family photo where the parents and their children wore picnic table-like apron as their pajamas, and sets of hats with huge ears on it.

Or where the father dressed up exactly like their kid. Yes, exactly like their kid. In diapers. Or where the father choked on all of the family members?

A photo of a pregnant mother in a store where it almost seemed like she was about to beat her daughter with a sausage and her son in a bathing robe with sauce and mustard all over his face?

Sets of family photos where all of the family members are well dressed but their father? You know, naked?

Hanging by a tree, holding firearms, full-family weightlifting, photos with collections of preserved animals, taking photo with your cat with the galaxy as your background, or even a family photo with your dead relative? Inside the coffin.

What’s your family photo look like?