For those of you that are not that internet savvy with all the lingo, a MEME is basically a concept that spreads via the Internet. Here is a list of the top internet MEME’s according to I think they did a great job on this one.

1) Transit Bus Fight Between Bearded White Guy and Black Dude With Cornrows

2) Insane Clown Posse – Miracles…..A Terrible Video Only to be Trumped by a More Terrible Song

3) Bros “Icing” Bros…Get Down on One Knee and Down That Smirnoff Ice

4) The Most Annoying Thing in the World…No, Not Gilbert Gottfried…The Vuvuzela!!

5) Sad Keanu Reeves…Keanu was all over the net, moping of course.

6) The Whole “Deal With It” Phenomenon. Cool shades will always help you deal with it!

7) Double Rainbow…All the Way!!…Oh My God!!

8) Jessi Slaughter Goes on YouTube…Get’s Harassed by the World…and Then Her Daddy Steps In.

9) Antoine Dodson AUTOTUNED!!!

10) Forever Alone Guy