A man was trying to get back home to New Jersey from his Las Vegas birthday bash and his trip turned into a nightmare. He was not allowed on the plane flying by United airlines from Las Vegas to Newark for the reason of.. being too fat. After a passenger next to him complained to a flight attendant, he was asked to leave the plane.

The airline policy states that the passenger has to buy a second seat ticket if he encroaches on seats of other passengers or can’t seat with both seat arms lowered. But Errol Narvaez said there were no more tickets left so he could not get an extra ticket. The boy complains that all the passengers and airline personnel were judging him because of his weight. He said all he was thinking about when he was going down the plane that he was kicked out because he did not fit.

However Naravez said that the airlines apologized to him and he was booked on another plane later that day. So he got home alright. Quite a birthday trip!