No one will notice...

OMG! I look Hot!

We were invited to a swanky party at the W Fort Lauderdale on a Thursday night. Knowing that I’m a fashion stylist,  a male coworker asked me what’s the dress code, how should I look? My reply? “Look as good as you can–always…” That seemed to work for him, but it got me thinking about what people go through every time they have to decide what to wear.

For some like me, it’s what they look forward to.  “Hmmm, What shall I wear?  Yes, I know, I’ve got just the right thing”.  For others, not so much, even torture.  And then there are those who really don’t care much  (yes we can tell) and just throw on any old thing and breeze out the door.

It’s just like I always say, “when you look pulled together, people assume you’ve got it together!!!”  That means that even on the worst of Mondays or after the most brutal of breakups, or whatever is going on in your life, when people look at you they will think, damn she always has her sh*t together.  It’s just the way things are; we size each other up.

Assuming you do care but are thinking it’s too much trouble and you just want to be comfortable, let me assure you it’s not too much trouble, and  it’s worth every minute it takes. You’ll see. You’re gonna shock somebody in a very good way. So how do you pull it off without emptying your bank account, and spending endless hours at the mall? These three tips will get you started on the road from fair to fabulous or geek to chic. Pay attention.

1)  If you don’t have a full length mirror in your place, get one now. There’s  no possible way you can tell what’s going on with your look when you can only see half of it in the bathroom mirror.  If you skip this step, nothing else will matter. And we will know that you couldn’t have possibly looked at yourself before going out of the house.

2)  Get rid of everything you’re not crazy about in your closet. Yes, everything. Sell it; give it away; have it altered so it fits better, or just dump it. You need to love it because when you do, that energy shines through when you wear it as opposed to if you think “It’s ok. I got it on sale and I was in a hurry”. If there’s no energy, passion or attachment to what you wear, then when you put it on you will have no style whatsoever. Try only buying things you love and see how you will instantly turn some heads. Seriously.

3) Don’t skimp on the shoes. Bad shoes will kill your look no matter how hot you’ve managed to make yourself look up top. Get over to your nearest DSW. If you’ve never been, you’re in for a serious treat–men and women alike. Rows and rows of fabulous footwear at insanely great prices await you. I get all worked up just thinking about it.

So the answer to the question is…yes. Look hot–always.