Making his spring training debut for the New York Mets on Wednesday, Tim Tebow went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts in New York’s 8-7 victory over the Red Sox in Port St. Lucie. As bad as that stat line looks on its surface, it doesn’t do justice how terrible a day it was for the Heisman Trophy winner-turned failed NFL quarterback-turned baseball wannabe.

Both times he struck out he did so looking. Facing Boston’s Rick Porcello in his first at-bat, Tebow went down in four pitches, his only swing way too late on a modest 92-mph fastball (h/t Boston Globe for tweets).

In his last at-bat, against righty Brandon Workman, he watched three strikes in row go past him without swinging. Upon being rung up, Tebow chided the ump, as if the man behind the plate had something to do with his hitting futility.

“You can’t be barking at the umps,” SNY analyst Keith Hernandez said, per the New York Daily News.

With based loaded in the fourth inning, Tebow hit into a double-play. A run scored, of course, but that doesn’t count as an RBI.

Still, he got a standing-O.

“That’s a little different than what I’m used to,” Red Sox reliever Noe Ramirez said, via ESPN. “But he got the job done, I guess. He got that runner in.”

“That’s the first standing ovation I’ve ever seen for hitting into a double play,” said SNY’s Ron Darling.

In his third at-bat, Tebow was awarded first base after being hit by a Brian Johnson pitch. Except then, he was caught too far of the bag on a live drive and was doubled-off.

But wait, there’s more.

Before his first at-bat, Tebow made a baseball faux pas by walking across the other team’s on-deck circle on his way to the batter’s box. The move was so out of sorts, Porcello said he thought it was the ballboy.

Tebow, though, looked good in batting practice, hitting quite a few balls over the wall.

“Guys were just pretty astonished, actually,” Ramirez said. “He’s got some pretty good pop. The ball comes off his bat pretty well, so obviously it was a show. He’s a ballplayer.”

Once the Mets jettison him, maybe an AL team will come calling (probably not).

“I hate to say it but he’s actually a better hitter than he is an outfielder,” a scout told the Daily News.

Tebow will get to take a few more whacks Friday in a split-squad game against the Astros. It should at least be entertaining.