Tim must like them DD's!! I bet he doesn't have a hitch in his 'motorboat'!

Training camps for the NFL are in full swing and preseason games are right around the corner. If someone asked you who the NUMBER ONE selling NFL jersey in the world is right now, who would you say…Adrian Peterson? Peyton Manning? Chad OchoCinco? You would be wrong. How about the most famous college football player of All-Time, University of Florida’s, Tim Tebow!

Tebow is truly something special, love him or hate him, and the mania is spreading through Denver and the NFL. Broncos CB Champ Bailey says he’s never seen anything like the reaction that Tebow has gotten from fans just at training camp. When asked about Tebow, Bailey reflected on the training camp when he was with the 2000 Washington Redskins, and Deion Sanders was his teammate.

“I’ve been on a team with some [high-profile] players, Deion and guys like that, but I’ve never seen nothing like this. It’s amazing.”

“I’m kind of proud of him for the way he handles himself,” Bailey said. “He wants to be one of the guys. People are going to put him on that pedestal, but he handles both sides [fans and teammates] very well.”

Fans have been camping out overnight for a spot at the front of the line to watch training camp practices and get a greater glimpse of Tebow. It has even lead to the local fire marshal stepping in to limit the number of fans crowding around at camp.

Wear my jersey...and be like me...P.S. I'm a virgin!!

Tim Tebow recently signed a deal with the underwear makers, Jockey to be their lead endorser. Tebow claims that he has actually turned down several seven-figure deals as he did not want extra distractions from his getting ready for the season. Many believe that with all of the thugs and wild characters in the NFL, Tebow stands out as a golden boy, who is good and clean and easy to trust. Tim’s agent (his biggest cheerleader of course) made a good point. “Within the next five years, Tim clearly has a chance to be one of the most endorsable athletes on the planet. I had one CEO of a major Fortune 500 company tell me, ‘You know what, for a corporation to put a face on their brand, this guy (Tebow) is the real deal. He’s the one guy who’s not going to be a scandal two or three years from now.”

One thing is for certain. The NFL season is rapidly approaching. As it draws closer, we will be seeing and hearing more about ‘Double T’. And that is whether he plays or not.