When it rains it pours. Could things get any worse for Tiger Woods?

Reports say that an unidentified woman has approached Vivid Entertainment president Steve Hirsch with a sex tape that features Tiger Woods. The woman claims the super golfer made the dirty video about two years ago. After being contacted by the press, Hirsch confirmed that he had seen 30 seconds of the tape but could not identify all the players. Hirsch went on to say that he was in the process of trying to i.d. everyone involved. This does not come as a big surprise for those of us following the Woods meltdown. If you recall a month or so ago Woods’ attorneys released a threatening letter guaranteeing that they would come after anyone who tried to release videos or naked pictures of Tiger Woods. Is that implied confirmation that such incriminating items exist somewhere? Judging from the way the scandal has taken on a life of its own, many would seem to think so. In any event, Vivid is going to have a hard time releasing a tape without Tiger’s having signed off on it, and it’s doubtful that’s going to happen.