Tiger’s losing streak continued at the Open Championship in St. Andrews, Scotland. It is official. Tiger is in the worst slump of his career — not to mention the super athlete has a messy divorce on the horizon. Things just seem to be getting worse for Woods since the whole cheating fiasco. Now his career is looking dimmer and dimmer. He is not just NOT WINNING tournaments, he is losing badly, regardless of making the cut.

Tiger tied for 23rd place with a 3 under par. The leader and winner was Louis Oosthuizen with a 16 under par. Tiger only shot one round of the tournament in the 60s. This is his seventh competition of the season without a victory.

Tiger has always had an issue with flipping out over cameras, missed putts, and basically anything that annoys him. Woods let his anger out today after he missed a putt on the 13th hole, audibly dropping multiple F-bombs on the air as he walked off the green.