Tide laundry pods are making their way across social media in what is being described as the, “Tide Pod Challenge”. Teenagers have been filming their self putting the colorful laundry pod into their mouths and then biting down on the pods making them burst and then swallowing the detergent. The results can lead to foaming of the mouth, along with severe coughing fits that can lead to serious complications.

What makes Tide Pods so dangerous?

The front of the Tide Pods package clearly says that consuming tide pods could be harmful if eaten, and that is for good cause. The chemicals inside the pod are extremely dangerous and can lead to serious health issues. Complications such as damage to the esophagus from the corrosive ingredients, change in your blood pressure,  life threatening breathing problems and neurological problems that could lead to loss of consciousness.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there were 10,570 cases of detergent exposure reported to poison centers in 2017, for children 5 and younger. The Consumer Product Safety Commission  reported eight deaths related to laundry detergent pod ingestion since these products hit the market in 2012 through the middle of 2017.

Officials are urging everyone to not ingest the pods and to call 911 immediately if they witness someone who has ingested one.