The Week in Baseball for 8/16/10

Lady gets completely showered in Beer from a Line drive foul ball at the Florida Marlins / National’s game..  Gives new meaning to the term “Beer Ball.”

Young Beecher Halladay breaks his arm in front of thousands in some sort of promotional steal third base thing…  I don’t understand what is going on at all. Why not have him steal home….?    He’s half way past third base, he’s not wearing cleats or a batters helmet.. He is fat. Like, what the hell did they think was gonna happen to this clumsy little kid, named Beecher…  Beecher go sit on a  bleecher.. Cause you suck!

Take me out to the Protest!  Sundays game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals was briefly interrupted by protesters urging commissioner Bud Selig to move the 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix because of Arizonas new immigration legislation. Good move,  now it will happen for sure.. Way to show how fucking insane you all are… But, nonetheless, I love protesters..  Love the fatty security guard eating shit….

This weeks Leaders….  Wont change much in the next two weeks..

Standings as of 8/16/10 —

And for shit’s n giggle’s..  Goofy takes you into the week with how to play baseball…..!