If you see a Porcupine then run away and do not disturb it. Porcupines are among the most dangerous creatures and their attack is real deadly. This creature is known for its sharp quills which can draw a lot of blood from anyone’s body. The same kind of news was shared by Dallas Morning News stating that a stray dog encountered a Porcupine and found with more than 350 quills embedded in her face and body.

According to the Star-Telegram, a woman spotted the terrier mix by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Monday and brought the canine to the Humane Society of North Texas. The dog had quills in her mouth and throat which reportedly prevented her from eating and drinking. Dr. Cynthia Jones with the rescue organization notes that the stray was “probably close to the porcupine and barking at it when the quills were released. That’s how she got them in the back of her throat.” It took nearly two hours to remove the visible quills, reports the Daily Mail. Vets also treated the dog for ticks and dehydration. The canine, now named Quillen, will be available for adoption once she heals.a