There is no way that this is not a glorified, kidnapped puppy. The person that did this is out of their mind. I know exactly how this went down.

GIRL: I just have to run into the store and pay for my gas.

Dog : Pant pant pant pant pant…..

Girl: Oh hey, a puppy. Aren’t you cute. Are you lost?

Dog : Pant pant pant pant

Girl :  Come on. You are coming with me.

Dog : Yelp! Pant pant pant pant….

Girl : Hey I just found this lost puppy on my way to the car…..

And here is a classic example of how to lose your dog. One minute you are taking a leak behind the convenient store, the next minute you are looking all over the place for your pup. Chick just straight stole that dog…How about asking people around you if it is theirs?

Who’s with me? Let’s find the rightful owner of this dog……