The Wrecking Club in New York City is the coolest place to go if you want to let off some steam. Either you had a bad day at work or a fight with your significant other, this is the place to be. You can take all your frustrations out right here. It was opened in January 2017 by Tom Daly.

The club has a room with all kinds of stuff for you to break. All you have to do is pay $40 and you get to destroy stuff for 20 minutes. If this doesn’t help with your frustrations, I don’t know what else will. They let you break dishes, t.v.’s, microwaves, printers and all kinds of things.

They give you protective clothing, eye wear and gloves to wear. Then you get to go nuts and get crazy. Believe it or not, the waiting list for this place is about a few weeks. Read more about The Wrecking Club.