By Dave Schneider  

Get these abs the right way!

   Hello, fitness fans!  It’s amazing to me that so many people buy into the gimmicks of the newest ab machines sensationalized on the market. Countless people fall for these commercials staged with fitness models who have unattainable bodies and the perfect abs you’ve always wanted.   Surely getting tight and sexy six-pack abs is as easy as the ab-busters, gut-busters and crunch-contraptions make it seem, right?  Well, to all of you desperately seeking six-packs, sorry! It’s not gonna happen, or at least not the way you’re being led to believe.   Truth is, those very same fitness models attained their physics from structured weight training, cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition.  All these components are equally important, with an emphasis on the cardiovascular exercise and nutrition.  Your abdominal area is the ultimate tell in regards to fitness and condition.  Everyone dreams of a thin waist and thicker abs but unfortunately awaken to pot-bellies and muffin-tops.  The good news is these symptoms are reversible by just following sound fitness advice from those of us in the know.   My fitness article last month on meal planning is a great place to start on the road to leaner abs.  Eating the right foods at the right times will quicken your pace to a tighter tummy.  A little secret I use to get a jump start on my beach body is cardiovascular training first thing in the morning. This is done before breakfast, after consuming a fair amount of water; at least 12 to 16oz.  A good 30-minute session will start the fat-burning process and get you to your fitness goal.  Don’t forget to follow-up with your first meal 20 to 30 minutes after your session is over.  Very important!   Believe it or not, everyone has abs no matter what their physical condition.  The key is to remove the unwanted body fat layered over them.  Tweaking your meals and kicking your cardio up a notch will finally bring your abs out in the open!   It’s not my intention to separate you from the new “ab blaster” you had to finance.  Resistance training can thicken your abdominal area and help build your washboard stomach.  I’m merely pointing out that your chance for six-pack success will increase exponentially if you follow these simple tips and don’t neglect the importance of diet and exercise in getting the look you want.   Remember fitness fans…my motivation is keeping you motivated!  Whenever I see my six-pack slip to a two-pack or a no-pack, I apply these basic principles. As someone who people rely on to get fit, I find that sharing what has worked for me and the many others I have trained will hopefully make for a happier, fitter you.  Have a healthy day!   **Courtesy of Pompano Fitness located in the Pompano Citi Center (2nd Floor above JC Penny’s) 954-786-6000