Sid Rosenberg...Bad Ass Host at 560 WQAM South Florida

“I am NOT in sports media! I am not an insider! I am an entertainer! I entertain…provoke…intrigue.” ~Sid Rosenberg

You’re damn right you do, Sid. A whole core of fans in New York and South Florida will agree with that. For those who do not listen to sports talk radio, Sid Rosenberg is what many refer to as a “sports shock-jock”. He is constantly compared to Howard Stern and Don Imus (both personal friends and mentors).

A Brooklyn guy, Sid was educated in New York and Miami. He started his radio career in West Palm Beach hosting The Drive. He moved to New York and blew up. He co-hosted the show, The Sports Guys at WNEW. From there, he joined the Imus in the Morning team. Sid made his mark and became the co-host of the midday show at New York’s biggest sports market WFAN. At that same time he hosted the radio pre-game show for New York Giants home games.

In 2005, Sid made his way down south to Miami joining 790 The Ticket radio, hosting his own morning drive-time show. He was originally paired with Miami Dolphin great, WR O.J. McDuffie. O.J. left the show for his own reasons (it had nothing to do with rumored problems with Sid). Over time things went sour at 790, but Sid put it best by saying,”I have no hard feelings with 790 The Ticket. They gave me a job and put me to work when I needed it. They just wanted something different. Philosophically, they wanted something different.” He is now broadcasting with 560 WQAM in the afternoon drive time slot. Sid keeps his New York ties strong by actively contributing to WFAN (his former employers).

Treez: How do you get so tan?


I was greeted graciously by Sid’s staff, as his radio program had started, and Sid was on air in his booth. The staff, made up of Victor Bermudez (Senior Producer), Brian Spector (Executive Producer) and Moses “Black Moses” Perodin (Associate Producer), were super-cool and produced a funny, informative and (most importantly) smooth show. Throw in cutie intern and girlfriend of Miami Hurricanes RB Damien Berry, Mikaela Green, and the interview was on its way.

You can tell a lot about a boss by what his employees think of him. The one constant was that the “on-air” Sid is not the same as the “off-air” Sid. Spector told me, “Sid has a very unique personality. One I have never seen before, and he’s been the same for all 15 years I’ve known him.” Bermudez added, “I have never had as much fun as I do here [doing Sid’s show]. People don’t know the real Sid…He will take the shirt off his back and give it to anyone.” “Black Moses” commented on the flip-side of working with Sid the Great. “You gotta be thick-skinned. You gotta be able to let it slide. But that is from 3 to 7. Off the air, Sid is a whole different guy.”

Treez: Marry One…Sleep With One…Kill One…..Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Sid: I’m a Serial Murderer…EVERYONE DIES!!!!

One thing Sid takes a lot of heat for is his love for New York teams, even though he is now a Miami radio guy. First and foremost, he is a baseball guru, and the New York Mets are his team. He also backs the New York Giants, Knicks and Rangers. Many of the fans call in upset, complaining that Sid doesn’t focus enough on the Dolphins or the Marlins. It doesn’t bother him in the least: “Love me, or hate me…just listen.” was the quote that I heard as I sat in the sound booth as Sid did his entire show with ease. When asked about the current state of the Miami Dolphins, Sid told me, “The Dolphins are a good team going in the right direction. Bill Parcells knows what he is doing and is building a good team. Miami fans are impatient.”

Treez: Would you legalize marijuana? What about prostitution? Gambling?

Sid: Yes…Yes…Yes…They are always gonna happen. You can’t stop it, so why not make money off it?

Sid opened up on a variety of topics. When I asked him to compare South Florida fans to New York fans, he told me, “New York has a much more rich tradition. Besides the ‘Canes and Dolphins, there really isn’t one down here. The fans in New York are just more passionate and spirited on the radio.” On Facebook, Twitter and social marketing, Sid said, “I used those sites to let my fans know what I was up to and that I would be back. When I was off the air, I wanted to keep a relationship with my audience.” I asked Sid why he thought the fans were important. It was a generic question that had a ton of possible answers. He seemed emphatic when he said, “I have great guests. My show is just different than the other sports talk shows. These other guys sit with loaded phone lines and hit a button taking call after call. I do a show! Not a program. The fans appreciate something different.”

Sid and Treez post-interview

Treez: Favorite Pornstar? Drug of Choice? Booze of Choice?

Sid: Traci Lords…Cocaine…Vodka!!!

Sid Rosenberg does not just do radio. As a matter of fact, he has a lot on his plate. He has his charity, SIDS KIDS, in which he raises money for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome research. He hosts a show on called Talkback TV. He is a contributor on And Sid just released his very first book, titled You’re Wrong and You’re Ugly available on The book, which I promised to read, is a collection of stories and anecdotes from Sid’s professional and personal life. “This is not a self-help book. I made a lot of mistakes. Nobody should read this as a manual on how to fix themselves.” The forward of the book was written by his friend of 10 years, comedian Artie Lange. Sid will be doing many book signings, with one even taking place in New York Yankee Stadium. His first signing, however, will be Friday, May 7, at 8-10 p.m. at Pete’s Cafe Bella Sera in Parkland, Florida.

Treez: Who are some of your favorite and least favorite athletes that you have covered?

Sid: I love Lawrence Taylor and Darryl Strawberry. Shaq…Barry Bonds…T.O….All A**holes!!!

I had an excellent interview with someone whom I really like and have mad respect for. I listened to and participated on-air (to my surprise) with Sid and came away with the following thought; Sid is vibrant, energetic, boisterous and truly believes in what he is saying. He has a great radio voice and a great radio personality. He is always straight and to the point, even if some people can’t handle it. He is knowledgeable about South Florida and New York sports and its fans. Sid, I thank you for your time, the interview, and your hospitality.

Treez says: The bottom line is that Sid Rosenberg is living the “American Dream”. He has a beautiful wife (Danielle) and two kids (Ava and Gabriel), with the white picket fence in ritzy Boca Raton. He has fun in what he does for a living, talking about something he truly loves. He makes good money and is a celebrity. And to top it off, he partied with an A-List crowd of entertainment and sports celebrities. Stay tuned to his show on 560 WQAM, weekdays from 3-7 p.m. to hear what Sid says next.

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