Yes, loyal readers it’s true, there is a women out there with four boobies. I know what you’re thinking “if only I had four arms!” But this story is no laughing matter for Maria Alaimo who was the recipient of a botched breast augmentation by plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Berman. According to Alaimo the surgery was so bad that she left the operating room with a breast duplication not a breast augmentation. Alaimo, a Staten Island mother, has stated that she was supposed to have left the hospital with a full 36 C cup (aka the perfect boob size) but instead left with four different distinct boobs! These “double bubble deformaties” have left the her with pain, disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation, and embarrasment. The surgery also led to Alaimos’ divorce from (apparent boob lover) Dominic Alaimo after she refused to get undressed in front of him due to her overwhelming embarrassment. Maria Alaimo is now suing Dr. Berman for $5 million dollars in damages. Dr. Berman stated in court that he “absolutley reviewed all the risks with Alaimo before the procedure,” leaving many in the court room to say ‘Huh? He discussed the possibility of her ending up with four boobs?’ Alaimos’ attorney Micheal J Kuharski counterd by showing pictures of Alaimos breast saying, “Maria came out of the operation with essentially four breasts.” A local news team at the hearing reported that the photos showed heavy scars on Alaimos’ breasts, which appear flattened on the bottom with “severe swells the size of a softball on top.”