For some of us flying is a way of life. It is how we do business, how we travel, and how we stay connected to family, but as airport and plane security have increased in recent years passenger rights have seemly decreased. This was recently brought to the forefront as an Ivy League professor was removed from a flight after American Airlines questioned him over his extensive writing. Turns out he was simply trying to get a little work done and was solving a complex math equation.
Every time you buy a plane ticket you are agreeing to an over 40 page document called a “Contract of Carriage.” This document details the rights you have and rights you do not have while on the aircraft. It also contains what is allowable behavior while on a plane. According to CBS This Morning, the contracts are very wide ranging and include a clause allowing airlines to remove you from a flight for a “Malodorous Condition.” With growing fear of terror attacks, airlines are reserving more and more rights for throwing someone off a flight. Typically however if you are thrown off a flight you are given a refund.