The Punisher has been a main character of Marvel movies and television for decades. But there’s one movie and project that fans never got to see: Kurt Sutter’s take on The Punisher 2, which was cancelled in favour of Punisher: War Zone, which hit movie theaters in 2008. Sutter, of course, has since become famous as the creator and executive producer of Sons of Anarchy, so Looperasked him for an exclusive look back at what he had planned.

“Not Marvel enough for Marvel,” Sutter said of the Punisher 2 movie’s scrapped project. “They’re two dimensional for a reason: that’s the purpose they serve. So I was trying to expand the Marvel Universe in a direction it should not have been expanded in”, he continued. “Less guns and more introspection”, said Sutter. It seems like the director wanted to take a deeper approach and write the emotionality of the character and motivate the absurd violence with some kind of meaning.