NYpost – Police in a small New Jersey town have set up a Facebook page that reaches out to “friends” to help them nab bad guys.

Instead of family photos, the seven Evesham Township cops post mug shots of wanted suspects and blog about the arrests of car thieves, shoplifters, child pornographers and, soon, drunk-driving offenders. The 6-month-old Facebook page includes video and photo-surveillance links of suspects at large. But posting mug shots and suspects’ names is in violation of privacy laws, Rutgers University law professor Bernard Bell told The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill.

OK.  So here we have exactly what I’m talking about…But, first I want to start by saying that I don’t promote, stick up for, or try to help thieves. It’s just that, I think technologies like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are taking on one of the more substantial moves towards privacy invasion then we have seen since the Bush administration enacted the Patriot Act.

These large cooperations, who have numerous outlets vested and interested in their stock have little or no interest in protecting Americans, rather, they would like to expose, utilize and otherwise extort anyone they can to basically get the job done.

See and this is where Facebook is allowing local police (link to Evesham Police F.B. page) to set up fan pages. Fan pages that post the names, likenesses and pictures of alleged criminals before they are even found guilty. As you know, after someone’s comment or photo, there are usually numerous comments that everyone can see. Hello? Facebook, has almost 50,000,000 users. In court, you have a jury of 12 people. It seems arbitrary that a whole population can sway others to auto-accuse you on F.B. Also, using others to be your narcs on Facebook is not going to solve more problems. Kids do not think about the long run repercussion. Don’t you think that if a teen ratted someone out over the Internet and was made, they are going to just get away with it? Hell, no. There will be hell to pay. Most likely the kid will get assaulted very badly, or worse killed, over being a rat on Facebook. It’s no wonder Microsoft has negotiated a role as exclusive sponsor of Facebook advertising. Because as we all know, Bill gates is actually Jesus Christ.

CNN.com – When a report of a possible explosive device on the roof of a city parking garage came in to the Lakeland, Florida Police Department, public safety officials there sprang into action.

They sent out a squad to investigate and they posted a notice on Twitter warning the public to stay away from the area.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are mostly used by those who want to keep their friends and families informed about their lives and activities. But increasingly, police and fire departments across the country are tapping into social networking to disseminate information to the public. Public safety officials are finding the use of sites to be not only speedy, but also a convenient way to distribute press releases, Amber alerts, road closings and suspect descriptions.

Twitter has for about the last few months allowed local police (link to NYPD twitter account) to set up accounts whereby any citizen can snap a picture and tweet the information of the person, place or thing in question to a local police dispatch center like the one Assistant Chief of Police Bill LePere, runs in Lakeland, Florida.

“We think the police department has an obligation to get information out to the community through whatever means or mechanisms we have at our disposal,” says LePere. “Traditional media releases, expecting the local print media to pick it up and run it in the newspaper tomorrow, is 24 hours too late.”

I guess he may be right, however, this is allowing anyone to form a complaint where it might not necessarily be needed, such was the case with a young man, 21, from Cambridge, Massachusetts who just last week was arrested at his house at 9 am in the morning after a woman “tweeted” his name and picture to local police, alleging that he took her friend home to rape and accost her. She gave them the guy’s information, Police got a warrant, entered the house and found the two in bed having consensual sex. They were both highly intoxicated however, and he was taken into custody anyways for questioning. How about that for cock-blocking?

BBSpot.com – Madison, WI – Police working in cooperating with location-based social network FourSquare have arrested over 10,000 burglars across the country.

FourSquare is a service which allows people to “check-in” when they are out and about using their mobile device. For instance, if a person goes to Starbucks they can “check-in” and become the “Mayor of Starbucks” though it does not give them any legislative powers.

The sting was organized by Madison, Wisconsin police captain Sam Goodman. “It’s well known that criminals track FourSquare to know when people are away from their homes. Just look at PleaseRobMe.com,” said Goodman. “I thought, why not turn this on its head. We’ll have people check-in away from home, but instead of an empty house, the burglars will find us waiting for him.”

After discussions with over 100 police departments across the country, Operation RobMe was executed last night. Burglar after burglar was caught in the Web, after falling for FourSquare check-ins that led them straight into the hands of waiting police.

Another highly used tool by law enforcement is Foursquare.  If you are unfamiliar with FourSquare, it is a social Geo-Tracking tool whereby you can “check in” at any local hot spot through the use of Global Positioning Satellite or G.P.S.

Four Square works by actually replicating just what your Facebook updates do. Instead of writing down, “Over at Starbucks with Lisa and Stacy,” it allows you to use the G.P.S feature on your phone to pinpoint exactly where you are and puts up a small loadable map on your Facebook home page. Neat huh? Yes it is says Madison, Wisconson Police Captain, Sam Goodman, who hopes to use these applications as a tool to stop crimes like burglary.

“If we can get Facebook, Twitter and other services on board, then we’ll wipe out burglary like Jonas Salk wiped out polio,” explains Gooman.

Here he is talking about how in 2007 they created a website called “pleaserobme.com” that was supposedly built by hackers and thieves. The premise of the secret site, at the time, was to intercept a victim’s Foursquare applications from Facebook and Twitter accounts. It then posted information as to where the victim was going and also where they lived. When the robbers arrived at the houses hoping to find no one home, they instead found the local S.W.A.T and Police. It was a sting operation that netted over 10,000 alleged burglars.

Pretty smart thinking. People are dumb, though. I would never fall for that. Anyways, the site was turned into an awareness site and is still operational as information on how to avoid showing the world too much about your private life.

Time.com – Anthony Graber, a Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant, faces up to 16 years in prison. His crime? He videotaped his March encounter with a state trooper who pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle. Then Graber put the video — which could put the officer in a bad light — up on YouTube.

It doesn’t sound like much. But Graber is not the only person being slapped down by the long arm of the law for the simple act of videotaping the police in a public place. Prosecutors across the U.S. claim the videotaping violates wiretap laws — a stretch, to put it mildly.

You know. The police think they can just peer into everyone’s private life nowadays. But what if we peer into theirs?

So here the shoe is on the other foot, the money is in the other pocket, your girl is now in my bed. Seems as though this guy is being threatened with 16 years in jail for posting up on Youtube the video of his police encounter with a gun drawn.

What exactly happened here was that Graber was doing Mach 1 on his bike on a busy freeway. As he got closer to the intersection they finally were able to stop him. When the unidentified trooper pulled up, Graber appeared to be backing up in a attempt to flee the scene. The cop drew his gun and demanded him to stop his bike. Pretty standard procedure if you ask me. He should be ticketed. He was very irresponsible on that motorcycle and could have injured or killed someone. However, he isn’t being arrested for that and is facing felony wiretapping charges for posting the video on Youtube. See full video here of his 5 minute race up the highway.

Seems social sites also scare the police as well. Mr. Graber found out exactly how and why they are their biggest enemy. Here is a great article on what is happening now with Mr. Graber’s case.

Here are some sites to better inform you of your Internet use and how it can affect your privacy

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