Trevor Noah has now earned my respect after expertly skewering conservative millennial pundit, and internet sensation Tomi Lahren. In this recent Daily Show interview (video below). Noah as you may remember, took the place of one of my liberal heroes, Jon Stewart. Who hosted The Daily Show for years before passing the torch to Noah.

I certainly was not happy about losing Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert at the same time and I think that actually hurt the progressive movement big time with millennial’s this election. But I digress… That’s another article for another time. I’m actually very happy to see Noah picking up where Stewart left off, and starting to come into his own as the host of this great show. The Daily Show is young people’s gateway drug into political engagement. So it’s super important that it has a top shelf host.

Now first off let me say Tomi Lahren is obviously smart and talented. So I’m not hating on her per say. I watch some of her stuff, even though I disagree with a lot of it, so she is obviously a player in the game. However… My beef and I think liberals beef with Lahren in general is a simple one. We feel like she is either only looking at the surface of issues in her research and missing the bigger picture. Or more likely, she is intentional missing the bigger picture, and looking at the smaller picture, to get views and a right-wing following on social media.

Donald Trump, Tomi Lehran

Interesting enough here is what Donald Trump had to say about Tomi Lehran.

It would seem to many of us that Lahren’s life and age actually go against her political views. She is a living contradiction. I mean is there anything conservative about this girl at all? Not that I can see. But, being a non conservative woman in life, while playing conservative in video clips, has proven wildly successful for Lehran. So is it all an act?

It further seems to me and I think many others that Lehran is selling out for career. Maybe trying to be the next Megyn Kelly or Sarah Palin. You know, the token hot chick that hangs out with conservatives, to try to humanize them to female voters. It’s a good job and you can make a lot of money doing it. If you don’t mind getting leered at, sometimes sexual assaulted, and of course the guilt associated with intentionally being on the wrong side of history for profit and self gain.

If Tomi Lehran is wiling to sell out women, sell out her age group, and sell out her personal beliefs for her career then so be it. That’s her choice. But she as a self-proclaimed caller of bullshit on people, should not be surprised. When the smart people in American, look her right back in the face and call bullshit on her!

In this recent Daily Show interview Lehran holds her own, but is often exposed for focusing on the micro issue for attention, while missing the more important macro or real issue in her segments. For instance it’s easy to point the finger at small things inside the Black Lives Matter movement that are wrong or done incorrectly. But, it’s willful ignorance to ignore the fact that our criminal justice system has unfairly and systematically targeted African-Americans for years. So for Lehran to do a segment about the micro issue, without even mentioning the macro, is disingenuous at best.

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