Rick Scotts pathetic attempt to impress Republicans by turning down a two billion dollar federal grant to build a cross state high-speed rail is going to be the only thing his pathetic administration is remembered for in the future. His ballsy borderline never heard of decision to refuse the grant will go down as one of the worst, most uneducated gubernatorial decisions ever made in the great state of Florida. However I must say we shouldn’t be surprised this, the guy bought his election by spending millions of dollars of his own money drowning out democrat Alex Sink in advertising. Rick Scott used the self bought multi-million dollar push to ride his Tea Party lunatic wave right into the Governors mansion where his first piece of work was to turn down a two billion dollar grant from the Obama administration for a high-speed rail in Florida. The high-speed train would have run from Jacksonville to Miami and brought tourist and commerce across the state in speeds never seen before without purchasing an airline ticket. Scott said the reason he refused the grant is because the tax payers would have had to pay for a lot of it. Oh you mean like the express lane, the turn pike or any other significant piece of transportation infrastructure we have ever built? I guess Scott isn’t a very avid student of history. The Tea Party loved the decision because it was seen as a slap in the face to the Obama administration but everyone else in the state with a brain was appalled. Mostly because the chances of a high-speed train coming to Florida again in our lifetime are slim to none.

The real reason Rick Scott turned down the grant for the train was to win over senior Republicans who wished to see Obama’s plans for a high-speed rail shut down simply to hurt his presidency and gain them an edge in the upcoming elections. The fact is, that a high-speed rail would have vastly helped the economy of Florida with tourist being able to zip from Miami to Orlando or from Tampa to a Jacksonville. The train would have secured Florida as the ultimate vacation destination in the country allowing tourists to visit Miami and still hit Disney. It would have also been a major tool for locals with family across the state, or college kids needing to get back and forth from school. Not only that, it would have been good for the environment helping decrease traffic on busy arteries like I95 while reducing emissions and making our air a little cleaner. Last but not least, the rail would have been great for small businesses who would have benefited tremendously from the building of the rail as well as the commerce quick interstate travel would bring them.

Rick Scott didn’t care about any of that though, he didn’t care about Florida, or the greater good. All he cared about was his career and taking a shot at filling the void in Republican leadership with a tough stance against anything Obama, even if it hurt his own State. If you ask me, Scott thought that if he stood up to the president of the United States It would catapult his popularity and set him up for a presidential run in the next election. It’s clear to see now that Rick Scott obviously isn’t Governor because he wants to help Florida or its residents. He is governor because he wants to further his fledgling Republican political career and will do anything to do it. Like always the Republicans like Scott only care about playing politics not governing for the people. Only in this particular case it has turned around and bit Rick Scott right in the ass with Obama’s ratings soaring in the polls. Since Scott’s refusal President Obama has shown his birth certificate, roasted Donald Trump at the correspondents dinner, killed Osama bin Laden, and now announced publicly how he is going to spend the $2 billion dollars Florida didn’t want, pretty much b*tch slapping Scott on a national stage.

Below is the list of all the states that are thanking their lucky stars Floridians were dumb enough to be bought by this Medicaid fraudster. Who thought he would stand up to the president of the United States before even warming up his desk chair at the governor’s mansion. Rick Scott will long be remembered as the governor who turned down the high-speed rail, costing the state valuable infrastructure and damaging the Florida economy for years to come. All for a frivolous attempt to push a bullsh*t Tea Party fringe agenda that had nothing to do with governing for the people, and a lot to do with racism, hate and the furthering of a Republican political career.

Where Florida’s High Speed Rail Money Is Going To Be Spent:

  • $795 million to upgrade the heavily-trafficked Northeast Corridor, running between D.C. and Boston. This is Amtrak’s only moneymaker, but even here, trains aren’t always on time — these upgrades will help improve performance, plus make trains run faster overall. And they’ll also add more seats, so the trains can serve more people.
  • $404.1 million to extend high-speed rail in the Midwest, including a 110-MPH line connecting Detroit to Chicago, which might assist the Motor City’s renaissance. It’ll be faster and safer to travel from Chicago to Detroit and to St. Louis as well. Bonus: The construction will create 1,000 jobs, according to the DOT.
  • $336.2 million to manufacture better locomotives and train cars — American-made.
  • $300 million to advance construction of the planned 220-MPH line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This would be the country’s fastest rail line, and one of its most important, given the population density in L.A. and S.F. (and how desperately L.A. needs to be weaned off of cars).
  • Plus a laundry list of less-expensive projects all over the country: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington all get a slice.

Thanks Rick Scott great job who the hell is your political adviser George W. Bush Jr.? I guess now if I want to shoot up to Orlando for the weekend Ill just drop about two million dollars in my gas tank turn up the tunes and sing f*ck Rick Scott the whole way. – Kid Chronic