Every time I’d drive up NE 4th Avenue approaching Wilton Manors I’d pass Decades Furniture on the right.  I was always intrigued by what I’d see sitting outside, but I never made the time to actually go in and check them out. Well all that has changed, as one day I swerved my car up to the door, stopped in and blew myself away with what I found inside.

It’s the kind of place that while looking through the window you’d think you could never afford it, but once you start looking around you get a delightful reverse sticker shock of the rarest variety. Owners Jerry Marino and Chaffi Schaffino are experts at locating stylish unique pieces from private homes, real estate stagings and decorator overstock for their customers.  Knowing about Decades is like having your own personal furniture treasure hunters.

Decades has two locations, a mile and a half apart.  The NE 4th Avenue location is stocked with more eclectic and modern furniture and the original store located in the “Egg ‘N You” Plaza (at the corner of Federal Hwy. & NE 26th Street) has traditional styles with lots of flair. Each store is perfectly staged like rooms in your house, which is especially helpful for those who are not that great at imagining what something would look like or where it could go in your own place.

What makes Decades a favorite of many is that it’s literally never the same store from week to week. The turnover is high! They get new things 4-5 days of the week, and sell them just as fast as they get them. Customers like to come in just to check out the changing scene and be in the great energy of all the jaw dropping inventory. Lighting, chairs, couches, dining areas, cabinets, artwork, rugs, vases, pillows and accessories all abound here. And not only that,  the owners clearly love their work and the positive friendly attitude and  customer service will draw you back again and again.

So for anyone that wants a little something fresh and affordable to upgrade the home, the Fearless Fashionista highly recommends you visit Decades. Describing what they have cannot do it justice, you just have to check it out for yourself!  Both locations are open seven days a week and combined, contain over 8000 square feet of  past and present home furnishings, otherwise known as a little slice of furniture heaven.

2661 N. Federal Hwy Ft. Lauderdale 33306 in the “Egg ‘N You” Plaza 954.564.0454 AND 1500 NE 4th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale 33304 954.462.8560.