A wealthy socialite and a Filipina maid, a Hollywood mistress and a cutthroat reporter, lawyers, cops, and a vengeful, powerful family all vie for your attention in this fast paced narrative. With his second novel, The Guilty Plea, Robert Rotenberg has crafted a tense, dramatic legal thriller that promises, in spite of the plea, to keep you guessing until the very last page. Samantha Wyler, the estranged wife of an heir to the Wyler Foods fortune, is arrested for murder when her husband, Terrence Wyler, turns up dead on the eve of the commencement of their high-profile divorce trial.

Rotenberg, having been a criminal lawyer himself for more than 20 years, knows intimately the Machiavellian machinations of a courtroom, and weaves an unforgettable cast of characters into his tale. From Ari Greene, the wry and street-smart homicide detective, to Ted DiPaulo, the cocky defense lawyer who might just believe he can win an impossible case. But Toronto, as a city, may well be the best character drawn within, from its affluent mansions to the smells and sights of the charming eateries of the many ethnic neighborhoods, the reader gets a strong sense of the diversity and beauty that make the city unique.

For fans the of the genre, Rotenberg will not disappoint. A fun, frenetic read.