Emily blunt sat down with People NOW to talk about her role on the movie “The Girl On The Train” and her time working with Justin Theroux. “Playing an alcoholic is a challenge in and of itself,” Emily explained to the camera. “Understanding that mindset, the unhappiness and going there” Emily continued to explain about her character’s personal problems. “I find it hard to watch those scenes,” Emily said in reference to watching herself act. “I think there are great societal pressures put on women,” Emily said in regards to the movie’s covering of those issues. Emily also pointed out that the movie covers motherhood and women’s anxieties towards it.

“There are pressures put on women if you don’t have the perfect man or the perfect house or the perfect child,” Emily told the camera. The story is a very heavy story and there aren’t too many light hearted moments. “I want people to walk away unsettled,” Emily said of what she wants the audience to feel after they leave the movie theatre.