The Sunshine State just made these "bad boy's" a lot harder to purchase!

Calling all stoners…get your “bongs” and “pipes” NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!! The wonderful state of Florida has passed what is being termed the “Bong Bill”. The bill that overwhelmingly passed 115-0 in the House now heads to Governor Charlie Crist for final approval. If all goes as they wish, the law would go into effect July, 1.

The bill prohibits the sale of the pipes by businesses that don’t make at least 75 percent of their financial intake from tobacco sales or make over 25 percent from sale of the prohibited items. Violators could face up to a year in jail. (SERIOUSLY!?!?)

Former admitted crackhead and current politician ( who spearheaded this bill ) Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg seems to have a very strong stance on the issue, “I’ve been fighting the pipe industry for the longest because it is all a part of the drug trade and the criminal enterprise that we know exists and destroys neighborhoods, families and order in our society.”

“But what I detest is an owner who profits of the illness of people. Addiction is an illness, and it’s bullsh*t for you to sit here and tell me these things are only tobacco accessories used to smoke tobacco.  A 10-year-old kid can tell you what is smoked in it.  Police know what is smoked in it when they make arrests. And when is the last time you walked into a middle-class home or establishment, or even an elderly one or a younger one, and there on a table are these various pipes. Hookahs? Maybe. But not these glass bowls, these water pipes. When have you seen one of these at Starbucks, with one on the table, smoking tobacco out of it?  So it’s crap.  You know it’s crap.  I know it’s crap.”

I not only smoked crack...I wear helmets with bongs attached to them!

“If we can outlaw fireworks like cherry bombs and other such things in the state of Florida because it’s dangerous, and their tools of death and destruction, certainly we can outlaw pipes –the charade is they are just a tobacco accessory. The fact is, I don’t want to stop at the headshops.  I want the manufacturers who distribute to the headshops!”

This seems like a major victory for Rouson, who earlier this year had already failed with House Bill 99 which would have added a “surtax of 5 percent” on items described as “drug paraphernalia” in Florida.  Those items included not only “bongs” and “hypodermic syringes,” but also, according to state law, common items that can be fashioned into drug tools including “a balloon,” a “2-liter-type soda bottle” and “duct tape.”

The new bill is going to make it virtually impossible for your favorite Head Shops to survive, and that is pretty sad.  There are 14 states that have progressively examined and changed their marijuana laws, and here in Florida it is going to be a crime to sell the pipe you smoke from.  Pretty scary stuff.

Treez says: This is just another step toward our freedoms being taken away. You no longer will have the right or option to buy a legal glass smoking device. Buying a gun is as easy as hitting a pawn shop or even Wal Mart. Bongs!!! Well, good luck buying one of those buddy! Next up to be banned will be the long list of alternate smoking devices : apples, honey bears, tin foil ( homemade pipes ) and 2-liter bottles ( homemade gravity bongs ),

Included is a link to Rep. Darryl Rouson’s web page.  Email this clown.

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