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The Father of Abstract Romeroism:


Michael “Romero” Duran is undoubtably the youngest, single most famous artist in the world today! He is the sole founder and Father of Abstract Romeroism. It is basically Abstract Impressionalism meets Realism in a tangible painted setting of swirling sophistication. Essentially controlled chaos. If Da Vinci and Michelangelo were alive today, not only would they be huge fans of Michael’s work, but the 3 of them would all be represented by the same Publisher. He’s literally that good at what he does!!!


Mike was born on January 29, 1992 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From a very early age his talent as an artist was realized by his Uncle, Joseph Romero, where they both would work and draw, side by side. Amazed by the ability of his nephew and easily recognized as more than just a gift, the entire family took interest into Mike’s talent. Growing up on a ranch there was little to do but to be creative, and this is where his grandparents at the time, Judy Romero (now Judy Garcia) and Ernest Romero supported his unique talents with loving support, stress free childhood and the materials to create something magnificent. Going through school he was always different when it came to art, both classmates and teachers thought of it as a blessing he had been born with it and knew that something great would come of it.

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With no formal art training other than grade school Romero was fascinated by art styles. In 2011 he was introduced to the artwork of Jackson Pollock. “Pollock’s works with just splashes of color was instrumental in making me the artist I am today. When first viewed it looked like any child could do this, but when you really look at a Pollock there is order to his chaos. While his colors were splashed and dripped, they really did create a brilliance of light and texture that is appealing to look at,” Romero states.

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After seeing Pollock, Romero then started to study other famous aritsts. One in particular caught his eye. . …Claude Monet. “With Monet’s works of Impressionism there is so little detail to the images but from a distance they make sense. “I had the realization that if I could combine the Pollock splashes and drips in a more ordered and purposely placed sense of that like a Monet, I could then create paintings that are originally my own that I could proudly say were highly influenced by two of my favorite beloved artists,” Mike explains.

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After experimenting and failing repeatedly, giving up never crossed Romero’s mind. He was confident and hopeful that he would achieve the style of artwork that was already in his head. That same night, Mike, a former electrician who was greatly inspired my Nikola Tesla, came up with a concept of using a tiny coil close to that of the Tesla coil to allow the flowing of paint in a controlled manner. The style Abstract Impressionism was born and immediately came to life shooting Michael to the fame and fortune he so deserved for his creativity, talent and hard work!

His works were brought to the attention of Artist Group International’s David Smith and Chris DeRubeis after posting a few images on Craigslist. DeRubeis called David Smith immediately upon seeing Romero’s images. Smith who discovered such artists as Christian Lassen, Michael Godard, Chris DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton, Craig Tracy, Colleen Black and many famous others, knew that this was a new style that would change the way people view fine art. DeRubeis who is the #1 top selling artist in the world and inventor of his own style also knew Mike had something special about him.

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“I have always been attracted to artwork that is unique and different than what is normally shown in Fine Art Galleries. I always look for the artist that creates a new style. Romero did just that by combining two masters techniques and making a style all his own,” David Smith said in an interview in 2013. Today Michael Romero’s Artwork is enjoyed by people from all over the globe and is truly the next great master.

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7 Life Inspiring Questions with Michael Himself:

1. What motivates and inspires your ideas for your unique and creative works? 

Ever since I can remember, I have always had the natural ability to recreate the world around me. When asked as an adolescent how I was able to do what I did, I could never give an explanation because I assumed everyone was capable of doing the same, that maybe they just chose not to. It was when I got older that I personally realized I had surpassed the normal. Becoming self-aware that I had been taking my talent for granted, I decided I was going to do something greater with it that everyone around me had already thought was destined for so long. I was used to an art world shaded in black and white, it was at this point in my life I had an uncontrollable desire to move from a stone age I was stuck in and tune into the frequency wavelengths that are captured as the beautiful colors around us. Having no formal experience with paints, colors or brushes, I set out to Master oils. The fuel that sparked my motivation was the goal of setting out to be placed in at least just 1 gallery. Motivated more than ever, I used an oil set previously given to me as a gift and the little funds I had, to buy a few canvas boards and practice my first painting. I was excited that painting felt as familiar to me in my mind as that of using shades or inks from a pen or pencil. It was a eureka moment for me! Within a week I recreated the “Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci. In a months’ time, I was painting my first hyper realistic painting in oils. Wanting to push the boundaries and exceed the limits of my ability, I began to research other artists and their capabilities with hyper realism. Instead, I ran into a series on YouTube called “Forger’s Master class.” Here is where I truly discovered the masters of their craft, Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock. Watching and learning about these famous artists inspired me and gave me the knowledge and insight of what was more important when it came to art without that I wouldn’t be where I am today. After this point, I was discovered by David within the first 2 months I started painting.

2. What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

My advice to all the aspiring artists out there is to always stay motivated, never give up and strive to work harder than the top 2%. My personal secret and overall best advice I can give which lead to my success, is to create and come up with a technique or style that is originally your own, that no else but you does, something that you can become known and recognized for.

3. What keeps you going and what’s next for you?

I’m an Aquarius, so I’m naturally more humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place. I keep going because I am a visionary, progressive soul who loves to spend time thinking about how things can be better. I will always be determined to grow and shower the world with my thought and new ideas. With this, I’m excited to see how the style develops over time. I have so many more ideas to come and am very confident in what it will bring to the art world. I won’t be stopping there; I’ve just scratched the surface of this one particular style. I plan on coming forward and revealing another original, new and inventive style which I am currently experimenting with. That’s all the info in regards to that, I’m saving that for the distant future!

4. Where did you get the idea and motivation to start painting in the first place and where did you get the idea to use bottles and your Tesla tool to make the spirals and lines?

It was the chaotic lines of Pollock’s style I wanted to manipulate and control in the way Claude Monet did with his abstract impressionism. The secret to my style is that the brain is fooled by the human eyes to see what is not really there almost like an illusion! Knowing what I was looking for I needed a tool that was going to give me the results I pictured. I tried, twigs, chopsticks, traditional brushes everything I could think of, but nothing worked the way I was imagining. After studying the work of Nikola Tesla on my free time and coming across his Tesla Coil, the idea originated. That gave me the idea that a coil shaped tool would be what I needed to hold enough paint while still letting it flow. I cut a copper wire, twisted it, dipped it in paint and it was like a dream come true. It worked perfect, retaining enough paint while at the same time letting it flow down in a controlled manner. After hard work and experimentation, my style was born, a genre where realism meets abstract impressionism.

5. Who is your current famous fan base and how large are you in the art world?

This Is my second year in the art world so my fan base is still building and am only in the first stages of becoming a world famous artist. I have had many sold out shows from Vegas, to the island of Keywest. My first art show was held at the Derubeis gallery in Key West, FL. It was a huge success and every piece was sold before my scheduled show times. We couldn’t have zero paintings for sale during my show so we actually had to turn a shipment of 8 paintings that were headed to a gallery in Hawaii and have them shipped to Key West, it was an amazing experience. My second appearance was onboard the Royal Princess as one of their featured artist on board. The Auction was unbelievable, within the first auction time every piece was sold which left me with an astounding line for commissions, 18 total!

6. What charities are you currently working with or do you plan starting your own one day?

As I get a wider fan base I plan to work with charities involving cancer, multiple sclerosis and medical research.

7. Have you accomplished your goals yet and if not what else is still on that list?

I have not met my goals, I want to make the world a better place so I’m sure there will always be room to accomplish more. Making my goal a series of stepping stones rather than just a physical place where I want to be, I feel, makes life more meaningful.

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From about 1997 onward everyone who saw Michael’s talents just knew it, everyone knew it, that this day was going to come when he had made it in the art world. Well that day has come, he has achieved fame, fortune and the respect of the best artists in the world. Not only does he work very hard and constantly broadens his mental and creative horizons, but realistically he was just born to do this!

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For more information on Romero’s unique custom and commissioned pieces go to his website:


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Once you have purchased a collection of his pieces make sure you take a few minutes out of each day to appreciate them! These truly are one of a kind pieces from the Master himself!

Enjoy your art,

Josh Leidolf

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