Good evening gentleman and ladies. Tonight The Chef or better known this evening as Dr. love will be taking you and yours on a fantastic journey that starts right here on your computer screen.  If you have a decent sound system hooked to your computer, and a large monitor set up near the couch or bed, follow these steps and you will reach instant bliss.

  1. Get out your drink of choice.  Men, Scotch or Cognac.  Ladies Red Wine or Champagne.
  2. Open your favorite browser.  Google Chrome works best.
  3. Right click on each of the following tabs in order and hit “open in new tab.”
  4. On the first tab
  5. On another tab
  6. On the last

On the last tab, hit full screen and eh voile..!  Instant macking ensues..

Now if it all goes right you should Click This link after 5 minutes…

Yours Truly,

The Chef