The old guys still got it!

It doesn’t get any better than this time of year for football fans.  After 17 weeks of separation of the haves and have-nots we get to see the best of the best go at it for National Football League supremacy once again.  With only eight teams remaining I couldn’t be any more excited. It feels like I’m at Scarlett’s with and endless pocket of 1 dollar bills.  Bring on the whores… I mean football!!! 4:30 Saturday- Cardinals at Saints Hope everyone’s bringing their umbrellas to the game because it’s gonna be raining points all day long in the Superdome Saturday.  Hurricane Katrina is like nothing more than a drizzle compared to the offensive forces of nature  being unleashed in this game Kurt Warner’s mind blowing aerial assault of the Packers a week ago was as close to an act of God that you will ever see.  He threw 5 touchdowns to only 4 incompletions in the 51 to 45 victory.  The 38 year old Warner has obviously sold his soul to the devil.  While lying undercover as a man of faith, Warner continues to defy all common sense that he should have any football skills left with the only logical answer remaining is that he is clearly a warlock.  The New Orleans voodoo has nothing on Kurt Warner’s demonic power. Drew Brees on the other hand is a true delight.  He helps old ladies with their bags at the supermarket, donates his time at the soup kitchens during the holidays, and can actually cure the blind just by touching the mole on his face.  Do you know any blind people that can see that mole?  Me neither. Brees led the Saints to home field throughout the playoffs and that dome is going to be one big party on Saturday afternoon.    Warner and the Cards will keep it close through the half but the Saints are going to score at will on Arizona’s Charmin soft defense all day long.  Saints D will force a couple turnovers and you can pretty much put this one in the books.  Saints 42-24