Jake and Vienna: After Jake proposed


In one of the most controversial of all Bachelor decisions, Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Giradi on the season finale, Monday evening.  What a bummer (to most)!  Sending home a broken hearted Tennely (the popular runner-up) Jake admitted they did not have that sexy, fiery passion that he and Vienna have.  Throughout the season, Vienna has been the most controversial contestant, known for her brutal honesty and her negative relationships with the other women in the house.   Then again, women usually “hate” on those they feel jealousy toward (and now that she won the Bachelor’s heart, jealous with good reason)!  

On the season finale, Jake flew his family to the tropical island of St. Lucia to help make the decision, and like many of the women in the house, he initially thought they “saw right through” Vienna.  Jake introduced Vienna to his family as a girl who did not come to make friends but to fall in love; she remained in the house even with women who disliked her and made their contempt completely obvious.  

His family immediately put their guard up, especially Jake’s mother who revealed many times her desire for Jake’s future wife to get along well with Jake’s sister-in-laws, who also appeared on the show to help Jake make his final decision.  

All the women in Jake’s family grilled Vienna, who explained her gravitation and absolute true love and devotion to Jake, no matter what.  While it took convincing, Vienna proved to Jake’s family her true intentions rather than those portrayed on the show and in the current tabloids.   And boy did it pay off!  

As the final dates approached, Jake and Vienna, passionate and hot for each other as always, enjoyed a steamy day in Saint Lucia, where they were unable to keep their hands off of each other.  On the other hand, Jake’s final date with Tennely looked like a 40 year-old married couple out on a boat for the day, visibly lacking the passion so obviously evident with Vienna.  The final rose ceremony shocked America (or not so much after those telling final dates), and Jake sent Tennely home, proposing to America’s “least favorite” contestant.  Haters!