Super pumped this morning… You see… This is the second press for this wine. It’s a 2007 Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection. It’s called a Claret. Claret wine is a varietal and is a very dark red color, which shows signs of oak that are typically found in wines that have been aged in foudre, the large oak casks made of limousine oak. Claret comes from Bordueax and can be a combination of the following grapes: Cabernet, Meritage, Petit Syrah, Merlot, and Grenache. The tastes are wild berries, cherries, spice, and mocha, while the aromas are blackberries, plums, and vanilla cream. The color “claret” resembles the red hue of Bordeaux wine. It has become a slang term for blood as in “tapping the claret” meaning giving someone a bloody nose.

Im actually glad a friend turned me on to this wine. I told him I was a cork dork, another term used for a wine geek, and he said the best thing to do with this wine is, “find a dark room with a door that locks behind you….” You will enjoy this economically priced wine, and buy two bottles because one should be kept for aging a few more years. N-joy….