2011 Mercedes Benz SL550When you think of South Florida, you think of palm trees, hot sun, hot bodies and even hotter cars. Mercedes is a vehicle synonymous with South Florida, and the SL550 convertible is the perfect example. With lots of power, sophistication, and a strikingly muscular physique, the 2011 SL550 coupe is a pleasure to operate and she’s perfect for the summer.

Mercedes is known to produce immaculate automobiles, and throughout its history the brand has continued to dazzle. The 2011 edition of the SL550 has such class. Bold and mysterious, this Mercedes is fully equipped and ready to go, boasting a powerful 32-valve 5.5-liter V8, with aluminum block and heads, capable of 382 hp. This SL has a seven gear automatic trans, which allows the driver to shift precisely and quickly, sending this beast from zero to 60 in under five seconds. The SL has a top speed of 157 mph, which is quite impressive.

The fact that the SL550 is a comfortable car that is really fast, handles nicely, and rides well is an alluring everyday proposition. For this year, the SL has been freshened with a new meshed grille, mean headlight fixtures, hood, and rear bumper, as well as a restyled interior that incorporates a refined media interface and is, as always, high on comfort.

The oleopneumatic active-body-control suspension gives the SL a perfectly smooth highway ride and helps keep her locked to the road during hard cornering. The brakes are superb as well, stopping the vehicle quickly and safely even from high speeds. The price is a bit steep, but the SL will afford you as much performance as a sports car, with the luxury that Mercedes offers. Summary: Comfortable cabin, folding hardtop, excellent braking and steering, sporty handling, South Beach class, but for the money there are many other options.

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