Logan Schoenhardt, a 10 year old boy who was a big Patriots fan has passed away.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted the tragic news earlier today.

Schoenhardt had been dealing with recurrent high grade sarcoma in his skull.

Logan’s story had went viral because of his request to have Tom Brady’s No. 12 etched into his skull by the doctors at the hospital. His request was granted.

Logan had the opportunity to meet Brady before he passe away. Brady said about Logan, “Well, he’s a special young man.” “Just to have a chance to know this story has been very humbling and certainly gives me a lot of perspective, certainly all of us a lot of perspective, on the very difficult challenges a lot of families face, and what he’s faced. It’s very tough circumstances, but they’ve shown a lot od courage under some trying circumstances. It was great to get get to meet him. He’s a sweet young boy.”

Logan got to see the Patriots go on to win the Super Bowl This year. RIP young man.