Ten questions with this months cover model Valeria Orsini

KID: You live in Miami is this your hometown?

Valeria: Well I was born a southern bell in Atlanta Georgia, but moved here at the age of two. So yeah I’m a Miami Girl.

KID: We saw that you swam with sharks in the buff on Playboy TV. Was it weird swimming naked with killer animals?

Valeria: OMG that was the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Picture it, four models thrown into the water with 12 to 15 Lemon Sharks!! They brought them in by putting fish blood into the water, but hey I’m glad I did it that’s one-off the bucket list.

KID: You have also been a Chronicle event host a couple of times. Whats you favorite thing about us?

Valeria: lol besides the fact that the whole Chronicle team is awesome, from the photographers, to the breaking news blogs, and the events! You guys are phenomenal… I LOVE the Chronicles!!!

KID: Whats it like being a model does everyone just give you free stuff?

Valeria: I wish but we do get a lot of free cool things like clothes, make-up, ect. I’m waiting for a new car damn it!!

KID: Do you ever dread going to work like people with normal jobs?

Valeria: No not at all, I mean it’s not in my plan right now but what people don’t know about me is that I graduated from High school at the age of 17. So I was studying occupational therapy two months later. I’ll always have the medical field in my back pocket and I love it.

KID: What are you doing on your average Saturday night?

Valeria: People don’t believe me, but I love to just watch a movie at home with a Glass of wine & Sushi. I’ve partied my whole life, I live in Miami so I am sick and tired of it. When I’m out I’m working, and when I’m home I’m prepping for work. I’m not a party girl I’m a Business Woman.

KID: Is it true models only eat lettuce?

Valeria: Some models don’t eat at all lol, no I have a dietitian I eat lots of tuna, grilled chicken, greens, and I love my sushi yumm!

KID: Do you do your own chores or do you have like an army of guys cleaning your car, doing your laundry, mowing your yard, etc?

Valeria: Your about to make me look really bad, umm I know how to do all those things but I work so much that the last thing I want to do when I come home is clean! I’m guilty of a cleaning service once a week but I clean up after myself so I’m too to bad.

KID: What upcoming events can Chronic readers find you at?

Valeria: Wow I have a lot coming up from film projects, calendars, a lot of TV. So if you really want to catch up and know whats going on with me. Follow me on Twitter @Valeria_Orsini, or my Facebook fanpage, or even my website ValeriaOrsini.com. I always post lost of hot pictures and behind the scenes of all my events so come and check me out!

KID: Okay final question. You have to sleep with one, marry one, and kill one, Two and a Half Men Edition. Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer.

Valeria: Haha and that’s exactly why I love the chronicles. Let me see hmm…okay i got it.. Sleep with Ashton Kutcher, Kill Charlie Sheen, and Marry Jon Cryer he looks like a good husband and you didn’t say I had to sleep with him!