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A top ten draft pick for the Miami Dolphings in 2007 out of Ohio State University, Ted Ginn Jr. has officially been traded to the San Francisco 49ers in return for a fifth-round pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Ginn Jr. has never panned out in the eyes of most Dolfans, and the opinion seems like “good riddance” for many, especially with the arrival of Brandon Marshall. Ginn Jr. says he has no hard feelings and holds no grudges in a conference call after the trade. He joins Michael Crabtree in San Francisco and will have a chance at career redemption. Ginn Jr. did make the history books as a Dolphin.  Against the hated Jets in 2009, he tied an NFL record with two kickoff returns for touchdowns, one for 100 yards and a second for 101. Those TDs are the only two of that distance in the same game (the previous record was 2 TDs of 97 yards in the same game), and it marked the first time a player returned two kickoffs in the same quarter since 1967.    

Treez Says: The guy had so many chances. They benched him..they started him..they called him out. He was not only a piss poor WR, but he wasn’t all that great of a KR/PR either. He has always had a case of butter fingers, so what can you do with him?  YOU GOTTA CATCH THE BALL!!  I read on Wikipedia that Teddy admitted to having learning disabilities, and  then it all made sense to me. But how do you explain the lack of heart and dedication? The speed and talent was there…where was the rest???    

Ted Ginn Jr. vs the Jets returning two kicks:    


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The NFL Draft will be on Thursday, April 22 and takes place for the first time in Primetime at 7:30 P.M. EST