Sensor-equipped technological product are now a trend in the market, especially those with health beneficial function.There has been a lot of downloadable medical apps’ feature that came with the unendingly developing gadget devices but it hasn’t been 100 percent accurate.

Heather Brooker, one of the billions of people who takes over the capability of the smart phones and also your average mother, uses these medical apps to measure the temperature of her daughter when she wasn’t feeling well. She connected a thermometer to her phone and through an app, it scans whether her daughter has any other medical symptoms that needs further treatment, and she can also send the log to her doctor if she wanted to.

But there is also a downside to this efficiently trending apps, who will get the access to this information as these sets of data travels through the internet?

Pam Dixon from the World Privacy Forum made her concern visible in CBS New York. She is stating her concern due to the fact that the privacy policy from these kind of apps are rather weak, or completely missing. The devices can be useful, just know the risks.