Taylor Swift invites an interviewer from Vogue to go through 73 quickfire questions. At the same time we are given a small tour of her home of various rooms and also the garden. For those of you who don’t know, 73 questions are quick interviews Vogue does with the celebrities, including singers, actors, fashion industry celebs, writers, directors, and other interesting people, mainly in the entertainment business.

These are quick-fire questions and the celebrity must answer them without thinking. That way we get to find out what’s really inside their mind and what their biggest secrets are. So what do we learn about Taylor Swift?

You get to learn fun facts that you may not have already known about the singer such as:

  • she is crazy about cats
  • if she wasn’t a singer she would have gone into advertising
  • she has double jointed elbows
  • believes karma is real
  • can count to 10 in German

It was also mentioned that if she could be a teacher she would teach English, and quite coincidently straight after answering the question she shows off her scrabble board where there are already letters out to spell “hello vogue” to which the interviewer says “something tells me that was planned” and she responds “nope, that was spontaneous I’m a very spontaneous person”.