TMZ has reported that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have become friends again after their very nasty and public split. In case you forgot Taylor and Calvin were dating and looked completely in love when out of no where Taylor dumped Calvin. It didn’t take long for Taylor to get her claws on another man, this time with Tom Hiddleston who looked more like he could be her dad than her bf.

This made Calvin and Taylor’s break up even worse, prompting Calvin to get on Twitter and blow up about Taylor. There was also a revelation during their nasty feud, that Taylor wrote the song for Calvin “This Is What You Came For”

Taylor and Tom displayed their very weird relationship everywhere eventually breaking up with Tom apparently because Taylor felt Tom was using her for fame, no way!

Now it seems Taylor and Calvin are friends again but don’t hope for a rekindle of their romance, according to sources the friend have only texted but have not seen each other or talked on the phone.

Taylor fans are still for her to come out with a new song about Tom and Calvin!