Tap Tap in South Beach May Be the Best Haitian in South Florida!


Tap Tap is a Haitian Restaurant located on 5th Street in South Beach, within walking distance from Ocean Drive if you are staying there. The environment is very lively, all the walls of this establishment are painted with Haitian art. The ambiance is supposed to make you feel like you are out in Haiti. I truly love this place because of the staff, music, art, atmosphere and food. This restaurant is a definite MUST VISIT when in Miami.


This place may be the best bang for your buck on the island. We ordered the Poul Boukanen, with a side of rice and beans, Coconut Sauce Shrimp, Goat and a Ju de Mangue( AKA Grilled Chicken and Mango Juice).  Sometimes you eat somewhere and the food portions are totally unsatisfying compared to their price tag. They gave me a full half chicken- Crazy! I was so busy enjoying the chicken and dipping sauce that I forgot about my rice and beans. And, the rice and beans portions were quite large too, but tasty!


Everything was amazing and I highly recommend this special spot!


For more information call or visit:

Tap Tap Restaurant

(305) 672-2898




Josh Leidolf