Taking dabs is unreal. Wow that intense rush you get as you are inhaling and tasting all the flavor of bud that is turned into shatter. The aroma is just amazing and the taste is to die for. Make sure you get your dab on!

“Across the country, from legal 21-and-over Denver dispensaries to black-market NYC delivery services, steeply priced strains of “killer bud”—so thick with tricome crystals they shimmer like snow-covered pine trees—are readily available. OG Ghost Train Haze, Headband, Blue Dream, Lemon Diesel, and Kosher Kush (and dozens of other similarly named varieties), pick your poison. Containing levels of THC up to 25%, a small toke of any one of these varieties will get you stoned.” [ Animal New York ]

If you never had one, I suggest you do. They come high in CBD and low THC content or high in THC and low in CBD content. It all depends what you are needing it for. Some use it to get high while others use it for pain and inflammation.