Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller visited The Ellen Show accompanied by his wife and father-in-law. Miller chatted about being a newlywed, DeGeneres’ influence on him, an unexpected roommate and more.

This is Miller’s first appearance on the show and he thanked DeGeneres for having him there. He also revealed that she was one of the comedians who influenced him to get into comedy. He couldn’t believe she could be so funny without cursing in her bits. Miller says DeGeneres and Steve Martin are the only comedians he can go back to.

Miller brought his wife and father-in-law to the show and said his wife was so beautiful but he looked pretty awkward. He told DeGeneres and the audience that the only reason they are together is because his wife’s first crush was a guy who could pop and lock. So, he went for it and “danced her into bed.”

The actor and comedian told DeGeneres that his father-in-law has been living with him and his wife for a couple of months and it’s fun to see him embrace the medical marijuana culture. He says when you smoke too much marijuana with your father-in-law you start to admit how beautiful his daughter is.