Sylvester Stallone, the superstar actor made famous by the Rocky and Rambo series, was previously rumoured to be dead. Sylvester Stallone was victim of a death hoax. TMZ reported that a website declared Sylvester was dead but a reporter caught him in the streets and said to him, “I’m just glad you’re alive man”, to which Sylvester responded, “It,s true, I am not here, I am with the “Walking Dead” cast, for real.” The TMZ crew starting making fun of Sylvester and think that the joke is not very funny.

The TMZ crew then say that if Sylvester Stallone actually died it would be a much bigger deal than Prince.  The crew go on to argue saying that Sylvester invented the word “yo” and Prince had his own color. Whatever the truth is, it would be sad if Sylvester Stallone had actually passed away but luckily it was just a prank and the Sylvester is still much alive and healthy.