After attending several Hot Body contests this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that the best contest in Lauderdale is the Sunday smokeshow at Bootlegger’s. I think that Bootlegger’s has been doing this for so long that have this thing down to a science. First and most importantly they definitely have the hottest talent. Second, they are very consistent, I have been to Shooters and Bootleggers many times and I have never seen a bad crop of girls. What also separates Bootlegger’s from say the Tiki Bar is the crowd is better and the stage setup is better having the walkway over the pool. it’s kinda like a 360 degree theatre in the round. Another area where Bootlegger’s blows the competition away is customer service, they have 5 full service bars cranking out drinks all day and a wait staff that is second to none. Other Hot Body contests that I visited this weekend just weren’t as well organised, they were running late off their advertised time and they seem to waiting for girls to be get off the early shift at the local strip clubs. So here’s to Bootlegger’s for setting the bar high and delivering hot mostly naked girls to the masses for over 25 years.