Monday Night Football brings about the event that everyone enjoys. A big faceoff broadcasted on television around the country. Each week we tune in, to find out who will take the victory for the last game of the week. However, at MetLife Stadium Field on November 4th, Monday Night Football set the stage for a feline idol. A black cat ventured onto the field as the Dallas Cowboys were trailing the New York Giants. Play ceased for a while and the black cat may have hexed the Giants for the turnaround game that ensued.


Monday Night Hijinks


Now up until the point of the cat breaking out, the Giants had a significant lead going. They were up by six and upsetting the Cowboys in what was thought to be an easy game for them. Cowboys were in a rut until the black cat stormed the field and everything became a little light-hearted. If you were watching the game live, some of the announcers joined in on the fun and narrated the cat’s movements. As the black cat approached the endzone, the announcer counted down the yards. Upon entering the endzone, the crowd up and cheered so loud that the cat was startled and began running around. After a little more disturbance, the cat ended up exiting through the tunnel. Giants ended up losing this game 18 – 37 after the Monday Night Football hijinks concluded.


Curious Cat Commentary


Players and announcers commented on the incident:

“I’m not superstitious, but I wasn’t getting near it. Thankfully, we got that thing out of the stadium and was able to get back to the game.” – Dak Prescott

“I’m allergic to cats,” – Ezekiel Elliot

“I didn’t know exactly what was going on at first,” “But, yeah, you don’t see that every week.” – Daniel Jones

Here is a clip of one of the announcers narrating the event: