Hey writers. You guys all do a great job getting the posts out there, but we’ve got major discrepancies regarding style, and instead of focusing on your content, I spend the majority of my time fixing recurring errors that could easily be handled on your end.

-All posts need to be justified left. This is the default, so don’t center the text in your posts; we only have to change it back when do layout.

-Puncutation: I understand we like to get crazy with the ??? and !!! and …….??!!!!, but there needs to be some uniformity when you are writing a post.¬†An elipsis is three periods: not two, not twelve. Don’t double punctuate at the end of a sentence unless you are writing an interrogative/exclamatory statement, meaning if you are emphasizing a question, it is ok to use an exclamation point with a question mark, but do NOT use a period and question mark. This makes your writing look unpolished, and it is merely incorrect.

-Times: When writing a time, i.e. 4 am, always say 4 a.m. There should be the number followed by one space with lowercase morning/night and periods after the letters.

-Spacing: When writing sentences, please ONLY USE ONE SPACE BETWEEN THEM. I know that in MLA and APA sometimes two spaces between sentences is the norm, but Associated Press style is ONE space between sentences.

-Phone Numbers: We use periods between the numbers when referring to phone #s. For example 954.555.1234.

-Websites: Drop the www. Everyone can recognize a website by the .com, so the www is superflous…that means unnecessary.

-Headlines: Please use ALL CAPITALS of the first letter of each word of your headlines.