What you say on your twitter account will get you suspended from the football team at Oklahoma. As they suspended receiver Jaz Reynolds indefinitely after he posted on his Twitter, what coach Bob Stoops felt were “insensitive remarks” about a gunman who committed suicide on the University of Texas campus.

An account with the handle Jaz Reynolds posted the tweet, “Hey everyone in Austin, tx…….kill yourself” on Tuesday, the day of the suicide, followed by a disregard request on his tweet 5 minutes later. The account was deactivated Wednesday.

Coach Stoops says he is “incredibly disappointed that someone connected with our team would react so callously.”

Reynolds, who has no catches this season, will miss at least Saturday’s game with University of Texas in Dallas.

Stoops says that the “rivalry with Texas will not come at the expense of dignity and respect.”

Treez : Make no mistake, everything you are posting on these sites is being watched and followed and scrutinized etc. It can all come back and bite you, and you must use your brain and govern yourself accordingly. Jaz Reynolds didn’t seem to know that. Just not a smart comment to make with such a sensitive incident. So we will see how long they make him sit for being a “dummy”.