The Carnival Cruise ship Splendor was stranded off the coast of Mexico for the past three days. The breakdown was the result of a fire in the main engine room. Passengers on the ship said the conditions on the ship where “deplorable.” Stating that at one point the ship ran out of food and at other times all they had was bologna sandwiches. Here’s what else Marquis Horace a passenger on the ship told CNN,

“It was absolutely deplorable,” Horace said. At one point, the ship ran out of food, he said, and “they started making mayo sandwiches.”

“I expected a really nice time and it was like Gilligan’s Island or something,” he said.

He said he ate a lot of bananas and dry cereal, but at one point didn’t want to eat anymore because the smell of overflowing toilets, spoiled food and rotten milk was overwhelming.